Rent to Own Steps

Step 1. Use our homepage

Use our homepage to help locate a rent to own home in the area you desire.

Step 2. Put a list together

Put a list together of rent to own homes you would like to contact within your monthly budget.

Step 3. Create a price offer

Create a price offer that both you and the home seller agree on. Also, include the purchase price, monthly rent during lease, purchase option costs, lease terms, taxes, as well as insurance coverage and more.

Step 4. Sign lease contract

Sign lease contract with home owner once both parties agree to all lease details.

Step 5. Live in the house

The buyer makes monthly rent payments while living in the house for the contracted time period, typically 12-36 months.

Step 6. Build up a down payment

Build up a down payment while paying rent living in the house. A specified amount of each month's rent will be assigned to the rent to own option credit. At the end of the lease agreement the buyer can then use that as a down payment for the house.